Oasis Commissary



The Oasis Commissary is Kings Court English House’s in-house convenience store. We are located on the ground floor of English House, across the hall from the elevators and the English House dining hall. Due to its convenient location and low prices, Oasis is the first stop for residents who need a snack during a late night study session, a drink after a hard workout, or cleaning supplies for their room.

Oasis strives to be the best option for the student population it was created to serve. Given its special status as both a University-affliated food provider and a city-recognized food retailer, Oasis can provide competitive prices on items ranging from drinks to chips to supplies. Such savings translate directly to student savings, resulting in our ability to sell at cheaper prices than CVS and Wawa!

Products and Services


Chips, candies, cookies, granola bars, trail mix, microwave goodies like canned soups and instant ramen


Horizon Organic pausterized milk, fruit juices, sodas, speciality drinks like Aloe and carbonated fruit water, bottled water, energy drinks 

[Study Break Goods]

Nilla Wafer cookies, Oreo cookies, Chips Ahoy! trays, family size chips, 2 liter sodas, 96oz fruit juices, tortilla chips and salsa


Tide Detergent Pods, AA and AAA batteries, air freshners

[Year-round Services]

RAGA Journal Sales: Eligible KCECH RAGA's can quickly checkout study break goods for house events without the hassle of cash, card, or receipts. Contact the Oasis Manager for more information!


Products and Services

Monday: 10PM – 2AM

Tuesday: 10PM – 2AM

Wednesday: 10PM – 2AM

Thursday: 10PM – 2AM

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday:  CLOSED

Sunday:  1 – 6PM and 10PM – 2AM

Employment Oppurtunities

Employees at Oasis enjoy many advantages over other work-study jobs. Employees are free to talk to friends, study, or spend time on their computer while they are at work. They will also have the opportunity to meet many of their fellow residents.

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Applications are now closed for Fall 2017.