Laundry Policy

There are laundry rooms on the lower levels of both buildings. Here are some simple BUT ESSENTIAL rules:

  1. Do not leave your clothes unattended for more than 10 minutes, whether in the machines or on tables
  2. Please allow others at least 10 minutes to collect their belongings from washers and dryers before carefully removing their items from the machine. Please DO NOT drop any clothing behind the machines if you do this.
  3. Please do not use more than two machines at a time.
  4. If a washer or dryer does not work, tape a note to it and notify the info center (note the number of the machine).
  5. Keep the laundry room doors closed.  Our laundry rooms are for residents only.
  6. In an effort to keep our laundry rooms clean and running efficiently, any unattended or forgotten clothing left behind in the laundry rooms for more than 10 days will be relocated to the House Office and donated at the end of each semester. If you ever have any questions about lost or misplaced clothing, contact the House Office.