Traditions / Spotlight Programs

KCECH Day - Let the games begin! KCECH Day is our annual kick-off to bringing the KCECH community together through friendly competition. The weekend after NSO, students come together with their floors in full force to compete against one another in simple games like charades, musical chairs, tug-o-war, tower building, and more. At the end of the games, our house managers crown the winners. Throughout the year, we continue to host opportunities for residents to join together in fun spirited contests such as pumpkin carving, gingerbread house making, and trivia games.

Program Community Signature Programs - Every year, each of KCECH’s program communities host signature programs for the community to partake and learn from.

  • Biosphere Summit - a panel discussion to spread awareness about environmental issues as well as to encourage pro-environmental practices.
  • STWing & WiCS Robotics Fair - a series of talks from Robotics groups around Penn followed by a Robot building competition.
  • PiH Penn Authors Forum - a discussion on the works of Penn Authors. See our collection here.
  • Daily Language Tables - hosted by the Huntsman program, students can practice speaking different languages and meet new people over dinner.

Annually Recurring Fun and Activities

  • Hiking Trip
  • Canoe Trip
  • Faculty Dinner Discussions
  • Washington DC Trip
  • Halloween Carnival
  • Spring Carnival
  • Casino Night
  • KCECH End of Year Formal