Kings Court English College House

Office Phone: 
(215) 573-3574
Office Hours: 

Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM and 8PM-10PM

Saturday-Sunday, 12PM-4PM

Office Email Contact:
Moderation Notify Email:
House Address: 

3465 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Room Reservation Policy: 

KCECH charges for outside students who would like to reserve the lounge and for student groups.  Please contact the House Office directly.

Long-Term Contract for Reservation of KCECH Facilities


  1. Use of the facilities is only given to groups who have KCECH’s best interest in mind. That is, by giving up the space, the events that you plan and hold should directly impact KCECH residents.
  2. Rooms that are available for hire and their respective hourly rates:

Class of 1938 Lounge, Blue Lounge, Private Dining Room - $50/hr.                                                                

Seminar Room, Game Room, Music Room and TV Lounge -

  • The prices of using these facilities may be negotiable if the group abides by these two conditions: (1) It must hold at least one demonstration for the house in the current academic semester. (2) Offer at least a 50% discounted tuition/entrance fees, depending on the situation, for KCECH residents. The total amount of discounts should be commensurate to the price of the room for hire.
  1. NO discounts are offered to one-time reservation/ events. 
  2. Information about the event/performance must be provided.

(If a situation that is outside of our control, prohibits the use of the space, another space must be used or reservation re-scheduled) (If any space is banned from usage or closed under, NO circumstances must anyone enter the space)

General Policies

  1. All reservations for rooms and pertinent questions should be directed to House Coordinator, Jessica Ramos ( Reservation requests should include, the desired room, starting and ending times, and necessary contact information.
  2. A Budget Code must be provided in order to reserve a room.
  3. A fee will apply if damages are made to space. You are liable for the space.
  4. Reservations cannot be made for more than 2 hours a week.
  5. No one can sign in individuals who are not Penn Students/Staff.
  6. No reservation shall be given after 10PM or before 8AM on any given day.
  7. Reservations must be made by 5 P.M. on the Sunday before the intended reservation. If you miss the deadline, your request will not be processed. No room reservations will be given after the deadline, even if the location is available for use. All reservations should be made well in advance.
  8. Priority for reserving rooms is given first to KCECH staff, affiliated groups and then its residents.
  9. KCECH reserves the right to suggest a different location for the reservation if the reserved location is deemed inappropriate for the activity.
  10. Rooms must be left in the exact condition in which they were found.