Academic Programs

What We Do
Upgrade your study skills to the college level. Get to know some of UPenn’s most famous, interesting and stimulating professors. The Academic Programs at KCECH are here to help you develop the skills and relationships you need to take full advantage of your time at Penn all from the comfort of your own college house.

5 Reasons to Have Group Dinners with Your Professor

  • Quality time: We are lucky to have some of the finest professors from Penn come have dinner with us. Whether they are renowned for their groundbreaking research, in class humor, or more-than-unique personalities, you won’t get this kind of conversation in office hours.
  • Research: Hearing a professor talk about his research is enlightening and a good way to see whether what you’ve been learning in Chem 101 is paying off. Make a good impression, maybe get a research position.
  • Networking: One of the most important opportunities you’ll get during your time here at KCECH and Penn.
  • Delicious: Enjoy Thai, Middle Eastern, Italian, etc. cuisine from some of UPenn’s local restaurants.
  • ConvenienceDinners are held in KCECH’s very own private dining room on the ground floor of English House.

Develop Study Skills for a College Lifestyle
Let’s be honest, an excellent Ivy League education requires excellent Ivy League study skills. If you have big plans for your 4 years at Penn then it all boils down to time management. KCECH teams up with the Weingarten Learning Center every year to host Academic Skills Sessions that help you lay out your semesters, manage your study time, group projects, club activities, and anything else on your mind… booming inbox…food…sleep. Interested in getting up to date on these important life skills? Simply look for emails that will let you know of the date and time. Location is, of course!, in-house and will make it easy for you to try out a session or two.

Professional Tutoring, Make the Grade
When midterms come, will you be ready? Tutoring services provided by KCECH and Penn’s Tutoring Center brings in professionals who will help you tackle your toughest questions and give you tips for exams. Don’t wait for your first midterm grade to come back before deciding that you need to hone those study skills. Click the links below for hours.

Math Tutoring though the Math Dept. is external)
Satellite Tutoring provided by the Penn Tutoring Center

Peer Tutoring
Our Upperclass KCECH Leadership members provided peer tutoring sessions in house, and provide knowledge and advice for more common freshman courses. Lookout for emails and posters regarding the schedule and covered courses.