Frequently Asked Questions

Kings Court English College House is one College House but separated into two buildings. We are connected by an open courtyard. However, our two buildings always act as one house with common activities, facilities, and atmosphere. While reading this FAQ, keep in mind that since English House and Kings Court are architecturally different, both buildings have their own distinct room attributes. 

House Stats

What is the total student population? 322

What is the total Freshmen population? 

289. Although KCECH is a primarily Freshmen dorm, we have Upperclassmen who return to the house as Managers and Upperclass Leadership members. These students provide advice, mentorship, and they plan programming for our freshmen community as well.

Room Attributes

How big are the rooms?

Penn Housing Services provides diagrams for both English House and Kings Court on their website (click here). You can also see photos of room layouts on our Flikr Page:​

What furniture do the rooms come with?

All rooms come with: 2 beds, 2 desks ,2 drawers  that can be used under the desk or as a nightstand, 2 chairs, 2 bookshelves, 2 sets of dressers

All furniture that comes with the room is expected to be there at the end of each semester. Students will incur a fine for any missing furniture.

How much closet space is there?

In Kings Court, a majority of the rooms come with walk-in closets. There will be plenty of space. In English House, the closets are open, meaning there is no door to close over them, and only offer about 4-feet of hanging space per person. Fortunately, EH rooms make up for this with about 10 drawers or so per person and more overhead shelf space.

How are the rooms lit?

Each room comes with two standing lamps. However, halogens are NOT permitted.

Are we allowed to bring in extra furniture?

Yes. Make sure you look at the dimensions of your room before making decisions on large items.

Click HERE for advice on what to bring.

Around the House

What facilities are there in KCECH?

Most of the common facilities are located in English House. Just to mention a few, we have our own cafeteria, computer lab, Oasis commissary, Mirage rooftop lounge, meet/study rooms, lounges, TV room , laundry rooms, game room, music room, pantry, and library.

Are bathrooms co-ed?

English House has two bathrooms per floor, one Male and one Female. In Kings Court, there are three bathrooms per floor: one Male, one Female, and one co-ed.

Is there air-conditioning?

Yes, student rooms and common spaces are air-conditioned.

Are there elevators?

Yes. English house has one elevator and Kings Court has two elevators (one on each end).

Is there any possibility into getting a single room?

English House has a small number of Singles, which are typically reserved for House Managers and upper-class residents. 

Is early move-in possible?

For early move-in details, please visit

If you feel there’s a question here that wasn’t answered, feel free to contact us.