🍄🌿Biosphere, The Active Experience 🌎🌱

Welcome to the Biosphere Program Community! We are a community of freshmen with an interest in how people interact with the world🌎 around them. We host a number of events to explore the greater Philadelphia area and gain an understanding of our role within the ecosystem🌿 🌱 All members of the Biosphere Community live on the first floor of Kings Court to foster a sense of community and cohesion among the members. 

If the environment piques your interest in any way, then we welcome you to Biosphere.

Whatever your major or wherever you live on campus, we invite all undergraduates to cultivate Biosphere together as a program, and in its outreach.

What Makes Biosphere?
We're more than just a community – we're a movement dedicated to igniting passion for the environment right here at Penn by participating in academic, outdoor recreation and preservation events. To that end, Biosphere seeks to engage students in a variety of activities and events, including:

Active Events

  • Rock Climbing 🧗
  • Camping ⛺
  • Canoe Trips 🛶
  • Annual Ski Trip⛷️
  • Hiking Trips🥾
  • Cherry Blossom Trip to DC 🌸


  • Bi-Semester Biosphere Summit
  • Faculty Dinner Discussions
  • Succulent Propagation
  • Soap-making Workshop
  • Flower Pressing
  • Making Recycled Paper into New Paper
  • Beeswax Wrap Making
  • MLK Day of Service
  • Tree Planting
  • Park Clean-up
  • Involvement in the House’s Garden Club
  • And so many more events!

How to Apply to this Community:

In your housing application through the My Home at Penn portal, list this program as one of your top two choices. You're required to submit a short statement regarding your interest in the program as part of the Program Community application process. Follow the prompt as indicated in the application. You can also visit the Program Community page for additional information.

Take the quiz below to see if you would be a good match for our Program Community!

1. Do you enjoy learning about ways we can be more sustainable in our daily lives?​

a. Yes (2 points)

b. No (1 points)

2. Are you open to participating in educational workshops, events, and activities focused on environmental awareness and conservation?

a. ​Yes (3 points)

b. No (1 point)

3. Would you enjoy trips to explore the outdoors around Philadelphia?

​a. Yes (3 points)

b. No (1 point)

4. Do you want to explore the Greater Philadelphia area?

​a. Yes (2 points)

b. No (1 point)

5. Would you like to gain an amazing, close-knit community of friends?

​a. Yes (3 points)

b. YES! (5 points)


If you scored more than 5 points, then you should consider applying to the Biosphere community!