Information Center

If you want to reach the Information Center, please contact (215) 898-4562
The information Center at Kings Court English College House provides residents with the following services:

Penn Card Access

If you’ve misplaced your Penn Card or have been locked out of your room you can check out a temporary card. There is however a 1 hour time limit and going over this limit results in a fine being added to your student bill. If a lock-out card is signed out for more than 48 hours, it is assumed to be lost and the lock changed, resulting in a $125 fine.


The carts that most of you used to move in the beginning of the year are available at any time afterwards. As with the lockout cards, there is a one hour time limit on the cart. If a cart is not returned on time it will result in a $450 fine. Only House residents can check out a cart.

Rooms Reservations and Access

Access to the Private Dining room (PDR), Seminar room, TV Lounge, Pantry, and the Music room can be checked out by any House resident. Mirage Rooftop Lounge can only be accessed by faculty, managers, RA’s or GA’s during non-operating hours. See the Mirage Page for hours of operation. 

Guest Sign-In

Any guest can be signed in as a visitor provided that the resident has his/her PennCard and the guest has some form of photo ID. The guest can either be signed in for a one time visit or given a guest pass which is good for up to three days. Anyone with a guest pass must be accompanied by their host to get into the building and only has access to the building where the resident lives.