Welcome to Kings Court English College House

Welcome to Kings Court English College House (KCECH).  KCECH can be best characterized by its open and friendly atmosphere, as well as its vibrant and diverse community.  Throughout the entire year, the House offers many programs and activities designed to enrich the college house experience.  We urge residents to take the initiative to jump right in and get involved.  Residents' participation, enthusiasm, and creativity are ingredients for a successful and fulfilling first year at Penn.

With KCECH hosting the environmental Biosphere program, the geeky Science and Technology Wing, the dedicated Women in Computer Science Program, the international Huntsman Program, and the thought-provoking Perspectives in Humanities program, residents are strongly encouraged to spread their wings and open their mind together with fellow housemates. Our faculty have also spanned the globe and are always engaging with residents around the house.

College House Survey

KCECH is tied for 2nd place in the College House Cup right now. Lets get some points by doing the College House Survey! The First Year House with the highest percentage of completed responses will win $300 as a House reward! 

Check your email for the link: 

Subject Line: “Give your College House feedback: Take the College House Survey today!”