Computer Lab

Quick Information

The computer lab is open all the time during the academic year.
Computing help is available:

  • Sunday – Thursday: 4 PM to midnight
  • Friday: not available
  • Saturday: not available

Computing Help
Can’t connect to the Internet? Thinking that your computer has crashed or caught a virus? Need help with your new gadget? Having trouble installing or using that new program you just bought? No problem – your resident Information Technology Advisors, or ITAs, are here to provide courteous, in-house, knowledgeable, and free technical support for everyone in KCECH.

If you need help, you have two ways of getting it. First, you can come down to the computer lab during our normal computing hours (4 PM to midnight, Sunday - Thursday) and the ITA at the desk will assist you solving your problem. Secondly, you can go to this page (link is external) and request help (click on Get Help). Just fill out a simple online form and it will be added to the support queue of the ITA team.

KCECH has its own full-featured computer lab located one floor up from the ground level. The facility includes 11 computers for student use. These computers come packed with many of the software packages students are likely to use, including Microsoft Office, Maple, Adobe Photoshop, and Matlab. Although it’s similar to many of the other labs on campus, here you have in-house convenience, whether it’s for group projects, last minute transportation arrangements, checking email between classes, or coming down in the evening to work on a paper when you can’t concentrate in your room.

The lab features two printers: a black-and-white laser which costs 7 cents a single-sided page or 5 cents a double-sided page (or 10 cents per sheet) and a full color inkjet which costs 25 cents a page. At times, it is more economical for a student not bring a printer to school and use the computer lab downstairs. Printing is paid for via PennCash. In addition, a scanner is also available in the computer lab.