Being the awesome house that it is, KCECH is always open and welcome to Penn/KCECH alumni coming back to visit. Here are some annual events alumni can expect:

As UPenn tradition, Homecoming Weekend is a time of remembering fun memories as well as creating new ones. Here at KCECH, we celebrate by having our annual Toast Sale! Come join us in the grilling and selling of toast in our very own courtyard. For more info, see

Alumni BBQ:
KCECH holds annual BBQs for visiting alumni, usually during Homecoming weekend. Check our facebook page for news as homecoming approaches. 

STWing Banquet:
All STWing alumni are invited, welcome and encouraged to attend STWing’s annual end-of-the-year Banquet. Check your STWing emails  and the STWing newsletter near the end of the school year for details.

Nursing School Reunions:
UPenn’s School of Nursing holds its annual reunion at KCECH (English House was originally a Nursing students dorm).