Student Jobs at KCECH

As a KCECH Staff member, you can enjoy many advantages over other work-study jobs. While you’re expected to provide timely service in a responsible and courteous manner, you’re free to chat with friends, study, or spend time on your computer at work. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet many of your fellow residents and network!

If you feel you have what it takes and a federal work-study grant, you are invited to APPLY HERE!

Available Work-Study Job Opportunities at KCECH:

KCECH Office Assistant

Are you living in KCECH for the 2018-19 school year? Do you like to hang out with fun people? Are you a dedicated student looking for a job? If so, you may be perfect for a job with the KCECH College House Office staff. The KCECH Office is a great place to work, right in your own home! We look for responsible, hard-working people with specific skills and/or a strong motivation to learn and carry through.

General Duties
Responsibilities include staffing the office, answering phones, hanging posters, taking inventory of paper goods, running errands as needed, general office organization, and other tasks in support of House events.

Art & Graphic Design
​Responsibilities include creating posters for house events, as well as maintaining other advertisement methods (chalkboards, white boards, newsletter, social media, etc.) Photoshop and Illustrator skills preferred.

Office Operations
Responsibilities include hanging posters, taking inventory of paper goods, running errands as needed, general office organization and record keeping of house events. 

Mirage Staff

KCECH Mirage student employees supervise student use of Mirage rooftop lounge and terrace, will monitor and regularly inspect the space,  and assist the Mirage Manager in organizing house events. Duties include:

1. Monitoring Mirage rooftop lounge and terrace including written and visual inspections where needed.
2. Supervising students to ensure safe and responsible use of the space and report misconduct in a timely manner.
3. Monitoring Mirage kitchen inventory and perform basic cleaning and organization.
4. Creating, preparing, and/or hosting KCECH events in the Mirage space.
5. Performing other related duties as assigned.

Oasis Staff

KCECH Oasis student employees support our House commissary by serving as a cashier and assisting the Oasis Manager to ensure that the store is running smoothly.  Keeping records of receipts and transactions during each shift, handling delivery orders, restocking the store, and cleaning the space will also be required. A food safety training session will also be required.


  • Good customer service, approachable, and community-minded
  • Easily accessible by phone, text, and/or email
  • Reliable, organized, comfortable handling money
  • Good computer skills and a strong willingness to learn

In addition, all KCECH employees should be:

  • Outgoing, personable, and community-minded
  • Highly responsive to emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
  • Excited about house events
  • Reliable, organized, creative, takes initiative
  • Quick learners and willing to ask questions

You’ll be expected to work anywhere from four to six hours per week

For more information: keep checking the house website, stop on by the office on the first floor of English House or email

Computer Lab
Learn about Residential Computing jobs here: is external).

Information Center
Get a front row seat for all the comings and goings and make a difference. Drop by the Information Center in the Lower Lobby for more information.