Mirage Staff

Job Overview: KCECH Mirage staff monitor student use of Mirage rooftop lounge and terrace, will regularly inspect the space, and assist the Business Operations Manager in organizing events and activities in the space.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide written and visual inspections where needed.
  • Monitor students to ensure safe and responsible use of the space and report misconduct in a timely manner.
  • Track Mirage kitchen inventory and perform basic cleaning and organization.
  • Planning, organizing, and facilitating events in the Mirage space.
  • Performing other related duties as assigned


  • Work Study Required
  • Strong desire for community engagement.
  • Reliable, responsible, and organized.
  • Creative and enthusiastic.
  • Easily accessible by phone, text, and/or email.

Apply Here: https://kcech.house.upenn.edu/content/kcech-work-study-job-application

For more information stop on by the office (EH112A) or email kce@collegehouses.upenn.edu.