Women in Computer Science

WICS is a new residential program at the University of Pennsylvania started by Trisha Kothari and Gaby Moreno. Located in King's Court English College House, WICS is a home for those interested in building a supportive community for women in computer science. If you, like us, think this sounds like a really cool idea, then apply! Freshmen to seniors are all welcome. Plus, check out some of the stuff that we have planned for next year.

Tech Workshops

If you like the idea of hands on workshops, read on. Some of the topics we will cover include web development, Android mobile apps, and Unix/Linux tutorials. Workshops will be lead by your very own WICS members and will be held at least once a month at King's Court. If you have experience, an idea, and would like to lead a workshop, then high fives! You should definitely apply and tell us about it in your application.

Field Trips

If you want to go exploring, we have that too. Come visit the WICS group at Carnegie Mellon University as well as Google Headquarters in New York City. Trips will be fully subsidized and you have one to look forward to each semester.

Professor Dinners

Getting to know a professor in office hours is one thing, but having them come to your very own dorm's dining hall for dinner is just cool! It's a great way to get to know a professor whose class you are taking or get a sneak preview of a class that you may want to take in the future. Plus, if you are looking to do research, then hearing a professor talk about his current projects and being able to ask him questions about it is a great way to start.