Welcome to Kings Court English College House (KCECH).  KCECH can be best characterized by its open and friendly atmosphere, as well as its vibrant and diverse community.  Throughout the entire year, the House offers many programs and activities designed to enrich the college house experience.  We urge residents to take the initiative to jump right in and get involved.  Resident's participation, enthusiasm, and creativity are ingredients for a successful and fulfilling first year at Penn.


With KCECH housing the environmental Biosphere, the geeky Science and Technology Wing, the international Huntsman Program, and the thought-provoking Perspectives in Humanities, residents are strongly encouraged to spread their wings and open their mind together with fellow housemates. Our faculty have also spanned the globe, so it's always rewarding to hear their stories. Or, you can read their short biographies (coming soon).


No matter which school you're in, KCECH is only 12 minutes away from resident's first class. And that's being conservative. Don't believe us? See for yourself.


KCECH is green from "top to bottom". The redesign of the rooftop balcony features environmentally-friendly construction, using layers of rock, soil and vegetation to absorb and channel water away from the roof, protecting and cooling it in the process. There also was a time when the courtyard was nothing but steel, concrete, and grassy patchwork. Yet, through the work of our house faculty, it is now an award-winning garden.


Like Hill College House, KCECH has its own dining hall, so there's no need to go far to find food when your schedule becomes tight.


Thanks in part to residents attracted to STWing, KCECH has earned a reputation for the best in-house technical support out of all the Houses on campus.


Language Tables

Hello Residents!

Come join us for our daily language tables in the dining hall at 6:30pm!

Monday - Chinese
Tuesday - German
Wednesday - Spanish
Thursday - French
Friday - Arabic

Philosophy Table Wednesdays 7pm

Interested in a philosophical discussion over dinner?  Come join us every Wednesday at 7pm in the dining hall.  Topics will be e-mailed, but please feel free to suggest your own by e-mailing your House Coordinator at collina@exchange.upenn.edu.